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Deferred Fees

We recognise that many law firms face a significant costs burden during the lifetime of a case, with fees and disbursements having to be paid whilst they, themselves, do not receive payment for work undertaken until conclusion of a successful claim.  This costs burden can be increased in Multi-Track cases which are subject to costs management.

At Deep Blue Costs, unless agreed otherwise, when preparing the Bill of Costs, we will not charge until the case has concluded and our client has been paid, thereby assisting in relation to cashflow.

With regards to Costs Budgets, a request for any payment on account is restricted to £1,000 + VAT. The balance fees will only be requested at the conclusion of the costs claim.


Deep Blue Costs was a trading name of Deep Blue Day Limited until 30.11.2020 inclusive.

Deep Blue Costs Limited is a separate entity to Deep Blue Day Limited and has been trading as Deep Blue Costs from 01.12.2020 only.
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